Still haven’t decided to get a booth at the Getaway Show?

What is the Getaway Show?

A travel convention show that travel experts from the Pacific Northwest, the United States, and international venues that are bringing their best deals to our show exclusively. 

These experts will include: Vacation rental properties, Resorts, Theme parks, Adventure packages, airfare, Tours packages , RV camping/ Glamping, spa weekends, hunting /fishing, hiking, biking/ scooters, travel protection, luggage carrier, travel advisors, travel agents, and more!

If I purchase a booth, what will I get?

You will receive a  10 x 10 booth that will come with a curtain, a table, two chairs, a trash can, and a banner. You can decorate your booth however you choose as long as the displays remain within booth perimeter.

The Getaway Show wants to prepare your business for the show in the best way possible, so we will help you come up with the perfect package deals to include at your booth for consumers and will feature those deals on our social media and website. We will also announce special deals over the speakers during the show for attendees to hear and navigate to your booth.  

Radio talk/ print advertisement will begin in 2020 to selective booths per advertisement. We also offer attendee lists (emails included) as an add on to your booth. 

*Other packages and add ons available, just ask!

Is being a vendor worth the cost?

In short, YES.  The Getaway Show is half the price of any other travel convention show we have found so far.  We are directly investing your downpayments into the success of the show in advertising, influencers, top speakers and performers, good food/beer/wine/cocktails, and location perks! We want to be your annual tradition, and we understand the value of your time and budgets. The Getaway Show is a weekend of FUN and entertainment for all travelers to enjoy their vacation purchasing experience. To ensure this is the case, the Getaway Show will be giving away a getaway package is from many of our vendors every hour of the show (see more details about buying packages from our vendors).  

This is the perfect time to fill your slow months in the calendar year. We highly encourage our travel vendors to have off-season package deals, just in time for tax season (our show is held April 4th-5th, 2020).

When do you need in answer by? (I still need to think about this decision)

We understand that there is planning and budgetting that entails annually, but remember not to wait too long! Here's why: 1) Booths are filling fast! We limit vendors from similar locations/ industries to avoid over saturation in one area, so you will want to ensure a spot by putting a downpayment down. 2) Prices go up as time goes on. 3) The earlier you book, the more we can advertize the attendance of your business at our event on our media platforms. 

What kind of giveaways will you have for attendees?

We will purchase packages from our vendors up to $5000. 

Being your first year, what can you (the Getaway Show) offer?

The Getaway Show owners Mike and Kasey Long have owned a successful business for 21 years. We believe in hard work, following things through, and keeping our word. We are here to stay and are invested in making the Getaway Show very successful, whatever it takes. We live in Portland and have raised our family here.  The Travel industry has been waiting for a business like this to come in and aid both sides of the industry make their dreams come true. Travel is our passion, and we understand what is takes to make both vendors and attendees happy. We see the Getaway Show as an annually established event set for years to come. Booking with us on our first year has all the perks of future years butat a lower cost. We are offering a grandfather special for vendors that booth with us this year for next year that you won't want to miss! 

My business is not located in Portland,  if this expo for us, too?

Absolutely! We are looking for travel experts in the area, all around the USA, and even internationally! If you are far from Portland, what better opportunity for you to be introduced to an entire market of travelers. Note: it rains about 154 days a year in Portland, and Portlanders are always looking for an excuse to get away from the rain! 

I don’t have the staff or the means to man my booth for a weekend, can I still purchase a booth?

We do require that all booths be manned, but we can help! Please email us at There are companies based here in Portland that specialize in trade shows and are professionals selling your product on your behalf. We would love to connect you with them. 

What kind of material do I need for a show like this?

Primarily, you will need an exclusive deal that will bring attention to your booth. We will also aid with this by announcing exclusive deals over the speakers during the show. You will need an outgoing sales team or representative (see question above). It would also be beneficial for you to provide a promotional product for those that stopped at your booth. 

Why should I attend the show/ How does this benefit me?

-Guaranteed to make connections with vendors and customers. 

-Name recognition / Branding

-Potential to fill up your calendar in one weekend (Tip: make a special offer centered around your slow months).

Example of Exclusive deals: Presale passes, yearly passes, gift cards included, packages deals, two separate visits for a discounted rate, buy now specials, group discounts, etc. 

I am a small business, can I keep up with big names at the Getaway Show?

We are passionate about promoting small businesses, and strive to bring the unique and small vacation site experts to the consumer. You will not be the only one, we assure you! The Getaway Show is designed for growing small vacation sites exponentially!

We are in the middle of busy season, we do not have time to come in April. 

Your calander may be busy now, but there always room for more clients. If you are booked, the Getaway Show is a great place to form waiting lists upon cancellations, booking during the slow seasons, expanding your brand into a new market, and filling your pipeline for next year. 

Have more questions?

Click the button below to email us with any questions you may have and we will get back to you shortly!

Exhibitors, where are you located?

Why we chose Portland for our show location

20 Unique Facts About Portland, Oregon

1 – The Portland International Airport (PDX) is ranked as the number 1 World’s Best Airport (domestic) Apparently it’s more than a few that take photos of their feet at PDX.

2 – Portland ranked as the 10th Best Big City in the U.S. 

3 – The median age of Portland residents is 36.3 years old. Though we tend to think of Portland as a young person’s city, guess what? We are aging. We seem to be ok with that, aren’t we?

4 – Portland has more breweries than any other city. This one was kind of a no brainer. Of course we have more breweries than any other city. Who’s ready for a cold one?

5 – Portland ranked Best Beer City in the World. 

6 – Portland is the 18th Best City For Millennials 2015. When evaluated for things such as the number of millennials, job opportunities, and access to bars, restaurants, and affordable housing, Portland came it at 18. Not bad when you consider they reviewed the data of 232 cities.

7 – Portland is considered to have a higher cost of living regarding housing costs than the average US city.

8 – We love our food –  Portland first started making spaces for food carts as early as 1912! We have so many food carts, that we rival New York in this foodie fact. Now that is an accomplishment!

9 – How did Portland get its name?  in 1845, Francis W. Pettygrove of Portland, Maine and Asa Lovejoy, a lawyer from Boston, Massachusetts BOTH wanted to name it after their hometowns. They flipped a coin to decide and Pettygrove won the toss. Boston Oregon just doesn’t sound right, does it?

10 – Women edge out men – 50.5% of the population in Portland are female. We kind of like the fact that our population is fairly even.

11 – Portland’s green-friendly city has the largest number of vegetarian and vegan options for diners in the country, and almost 80% of our restaurants are local. Anyone eating gluten-free these days?

12 – There is a law on the books in Portland that says Shoelaces must be tied while walking down the street. We are not sure about you, but we sure see a lot of lawbreakers when we go out in the city. Be careful not to trip! 📷

12 – In Portland, we average 42 inches of rain per year and 154 days per year that have some measurable level of precipitation. In other words, it rains a lot! It is a rainforest, you know. Why do you think it stays so green?

14 – Though our population is minuscule compared to places like New York City (and we are thankful it is), Portland is the 28th largest city in the country. We are large enough to have the things a large city should have, yet small enough to be connected to one another like a smaller town.

15 – Keeping Portland Weird lives up to its motto with this little tidbit of factual green space – Portland is the home of the smallest park in the world. It’s true! The Mill’s End Park is only two feet across.

16 – Many Portland Metro residents don’t realize the TV series “Portlandia” is a comedy. (ok, we made this one up)

17 – We like it Green! Portland was recently ranked the 16th Greenest City in the country based on air quality, population density, transportation options and several other factors.

18 – Our Hood to Coast Relay run, is the largest event of its type in the world.

19 – In the Spring it would be feasible to snowboard on Mount Hood in the morning, water ski in downtown Portland in the afternoon and surf in Seaside in the evening. ALL IN ONE DAY. Have you ever thought about how unique that is? Where else could someone do something so crazy in a single day? Here in Portland we’re just cool like that.

20 – The overall Portland Metropolitan area, (including Clark and Skamania counties in Washington) has grown almost 50 percent in the last quarter-century to 2.3 million people. 65% of this growth was attributed to people moving here.-